Expert Advice From An Exterior Designer: How To Maximize Your Budget, Whether It’s 300K Or $1 Million+

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If you want to get the most out of your budget, you need to work with a design team that can guide your decisions—throughout the entire process from start to finish. Watch the video above for the top three things that will help you stretch your construction budget and keep reading for additional resources to help you determine what your exterior design budget should be and see what is possible for your yard with the budget you’re working with.

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How To Determine Your Budget

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Still unsure about your budget? It can be challenging to prioritize how much you want to spend on your exterior project and to determine exactly what is possible with $300K, $500K, or more. Here are three questions to consider to will help you figure out what your exterior design budget should be: 



Think about whether or not you want more standard features, or if you value creativity and customization for your space. This will help you figure out what budget is necessary to bring your backyard resort to life.



Nail down your priorities to help you land on a number for your budget. Think about how you envision using the space and how you want to feel when you’re in your yard to help you define those priorities and it will be much easier to set your budget.



Construction costs vary greatly depending on where you are located. Budgeting for your backyard in CA can look very different than budgeting for construction in the midwest, so talk with local contractors to get an idea of what your budget should be based on where you live.

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See What's Possible

Once you have determined your budget, get inspiration from some of the yards we’ve designed for past clients. Click through to see exactly what we were able to imagine and create—based on budget—and get ideas to use as you start envisioning what your future backyard will look like. 

Explore the possibilities for your space when your budget is $300,000. Click the button below to get inspiration from some of the yards we have brought to life with this budget.

See which custom features are possible for your dream outdoor space with a budget is $500,000. Click the button below to some of the backyards we have designed with this budget.

When your budget is $750,000, you can expect tons of ‘wow-factor’ features and large-scale elements that will make your backyard stand out. Click through to see how we maximize this budget for our clients.

There are no limits to what is possible for your exterior when your budget is $1,000,000+. Click the button below to see some of the feature-filled, imaginative spaces we have created with this budget.

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It can also be helpful to understand your design style when you are trying to determine a budget. If you’re unsure what styles and details speak to you, take our quiz to help you figure out what your exterior design style is.

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