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We are currently expanding our design team. As a sales representative at Foxterra, you will be the first point of contact when a new lead comes into our pipeline. Your goal is to help the homeowner with any questions they may have about our design services before signing on with us.


This position should be filled by someone who is well versed in design & charismatic. 90% of the calls are asking for a bit of design input on their yard so we need someone who can give high-level input on someone’s space. The call should really be treated as more of a design consultation than anything else because most people are already sold by the time they get on the phone with us. The person in this role should be able to manage a sales pipeline as well, which includes typing up emails, follow-ups, proposals, and high organization.


  • Conduct Sales Call
  • Type up Proposals
  • Manage Sales Pipeline


  • Good People Person
  • Very Organized
  • High Design & Construction IQ

How to apply

To apply for this position simply click the button below to head over to our Indeed posting and submit your resume/application.