Travel-Inspired Design: How To Escape To Santorini In Your Own Space

Whether you love to travel, or you just have an appreciation for architecture around the world, you can recreate some of your favorite destination’s design styles in your own space. This week, we’re focusing on one area of the world that’s known for its distinctive buildings, bold color palette, and rich history: Santorini. Keep reading to find out exactly what it takes to recreate a Santorini-inspired Greek paradise in your backyard.

A Little Bit About Santorini

Santorini is a travel destination celebrated for its stunning geographic location combined with its architectural style that’s instantly recognizable. Santorini sits on the Aegean Sea and is actually made up of a small cluster of islands. Though, when most people think of Santorini, it’s the main island Thera they’re envisioning. 

Surrounded by stunningly blue waters, the architecture in Santorini stands out in stark contrast thanks to its creamy white stucco homes and blue domed roofs. It’s a place unlike any other, so it’s no surprise that so many people want to recreate a Santorini-inspired space in their own yards.

Santorini-Inspired Design

With a rich history in architecture, sparkling waters on every side, and a bold color palette that’s instantly recognizable, its distinctive style is something many of our clients want to recreate for their own homes. 

So, how can you incorporate Santorini-inspired design in your yard? Let’s break down some of the details that will bring Santorini to life in your space.


One way to embody a Santorini-inspired look is to go neutral. Stick with white and cream hues, which will instantly call to mind the buildings in Greece. So many of the structures both on the Santorini islands and throughout the Mediterranean are neutral white in color, so this is essential if you want to achieve that design style in your space at home.


It’s hard to miss one of the most distinct features that make Santorini so special—and that’s all the blue accents. Blue domed buildings stand out amongst white stucco and perfectly complement the ocean nearby. If you want to bring Santorini home to your yard, having blue accents is a sure way to instantly set the tone for your space.


Whether you opt for a bold blue like the color you see topping so many of the buildings in Santorini, or a more subtle blue reminiscent of the Aegean Sea, this accent color is essential to any design that’s inspired by Santorini. We love incorporating mosaic blue tile into our designs and a matte finish also helps.


Aside from the incredible surroundings and beautiful weather, one of the main reasons Santorini continues to be one of the world’s most-visited islands is thanks to its unique architecture. Nowhere else will you find buildings that so seamlessly fit into the landscape and that look quite like they do in Greece.


Soft, curving structures are at the forefront of this design style, so to recreate this in your own space, opt for rounded edges and regal features. One way we bring this architectural style to life for our clients is by integrating pillars and decorative walls into our designs. We make sure there aren’t any stark corners or sharp accents, and make soft, curved accents a focal point.


Because of its unique climate, plants native to Greece aren’t found elsewhere in the world. When we’re working with a client to create a Santorini-inspired space, we make sure to add landscape elements that you’d actually see if you were in Greece. This means, sprinkling the space with Mediterranean greenery, planting plenty of olive trees, and adding white pebbles as accents wherever possible.


Walking through the streets of Santorini at night, the lighting you’ll see is almost magical. Twinkling lights, hanging lanterns, and the soft glow of candles are everywhere. When we’re bringing this style home to a client’s yard, we always take time to add the perfect lighting, because it instantly alters the atmosphere and sets the tone for a Santorini-inspired space. We achieve this by adding large groups of candles and hanging lanterns from olive trees.


Another one of the things that makes Santorini so special is that all the buildings are built into the islands’ hillside. The landscape is full of layers and levels that make every space feel interesting and full of depth. When we’re recreating Santorini for our clients, we take this to heart and make sure that we’re adding dimension to our designs with lots of layering to achieve this same effect.

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