Unveiling An Unforgettable, Luxury Backyard Resort 

This unforgettable luxury backyard resort is seriously serene and the perfect place to unwind on during the day or into the evening.

Picture this 
Every time you step outside, you’re completely transported and it feels like you’re on vacation 
Maybe you…  
📖 Curl up with a book on one of the many lounge areas in your unforgettable yard. You can’t decide…daybed or lounger?   
🍹Swim up to the poolside bar to unwind with a glass of champagne or a refreshing smoothie.  
💦‍ ️Let all your stress melt away while you soak in the most luxurious spa you’ve ever seen and enjoy the gentle sound of the nearby water curtain.  
🍗 Host epic pool parties in your backyard resort and BBQ’s your family and friends will be talking about for the entire summer.  
🔥 Toast marshmallows and enjoy the warm ambiance and flickering flames of your fire while you lounge in a cozy sunken seating area.

Wish this was your reality?   
Then, you have to check out one of our latest designs. It’s a Bali-inspired backyard resort that is so serene, you can’t help but relax.  
Keep scrolling for all the design details. 

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Here’s an overview of the yard 👇

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