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How Much Does Exterior Design Boost Your Home’s Value?

The Value Of Exterior Design

When we create a design for a client, we know that transporting them to their favorite destination is invaluable. When you invest in a yard that you love to spend time in, that you can entertain in, spend time with family in, unwind after a long week, and escape whenever you step outside—that’s something you can’t put a price on.

But, we’ve also seen what this investment can do for a home’s resale value.

One of our recent projects set the record for the city of Irvine sale price per sq foot. Do you know what the realtor said was the biggest selling factor? The one thing that took this home’s price to a premium level? The exterior design.

It’s widely known that ‘curb appeal’ plays a major role in a home’s value. But, when you add a custom, luxury yard to your space, it’s like taking that exterior value to a new extreme. And our clients are seeing this first-hand.

One of our clients recently sold his home and credits his backyard design for the sale. Here’s what he had to say when asked about the value of investing in exterior design with the Foxterra Design team:

“It is not only something our family loves, adores and we spend a lot of time here. But, we also recently just sold the house and we’re getting ready to move. We wouldn’t have sold the house as quickly or, quite frankly, for as much money if we didn’t have the backyard.”

The home buyer paid a premium for our client’s property because of the unique design—they’d never seen anything like it. They were able to match the price of their neighbor’s home, which is 800 sq. ft bigger with a lot 3x the size, thanks to the backyard design. The good news for you and your home is that investing in exterior design is a foolproof way to add value to your home. Here’s a breakdown with some stats and features to consider adding to your space to add value.

Curb Appeal

First impressions matter when it comes to selling a home and the exterior of your house is the first thing a potential buyer sees. When you invest in landscaping, design, and other outdoor features, you’re instantly making a lasting impression.

Wondering exactly how much impact on selling price curb appeal actually has? 

An average of 7%.

Realtor magazine published an article about home value and curb appeal with some impressive stats. 

“Homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for an average of 7% more than similar houses with an uninviting exterior,” the article states.

Plus, as was the case for one of our clients, a unique design can be the deciding factor when it comes to placing an offer or moving on to another home.

Entrance Increase

Beyond general curb appeal, prioritizing your home’s entrance is also important and making improvements to the front-facing exterior of your house is a great way to boost its value. Consider something like a stylized driveway to really set your home apart and instantly make a potential buyer take notice. 

A recent New York Times article talks about the importance of color, lighting, and landscaping—and the role they play in your entryway’s perceived value. 

“The front entrance is also a place where a few inexpensive changes can boost a home’s overall value,” the article says.

And this is definitely true. It’s an often overlooked area of design, but a space you can transform to boost your home’s value, especially if you don’t have a massive design budget. 

Outdoor Living Areas

It’s no secret that home improvement projects in general can impact a house’s selling price. But, it’s research from Opendoor on exactly which types of renovations have the greatest impact on resale value that’s worth taking a look at.

According to the study, adding ‘living space’ increases a home’s resale value by an average of 5.3%. 

And, another study, done by Rocket Homes, showed that having an attached outdoor living space, like a patio or deck, increases a home’s perceived value by upwards of $20,000.

What does this mean?

Adding an outdoor living area to your backyard design can make a major financial impact on your home. Think sprawling lounge areas, covered pergolas, patios, and more. When you make more of your lot livable, usable, and functional, you are instantly increasing your home’s value. Plus, you get to take full advantage of more living area and design that allows you to enjoy the exterior of your home just as much as the interior.

Light A Fire

Did you know that adding a fire pit to your backyard can add more than just entertainment value? According to an article from Consumer Reports:

“Homes mentioning “fire pit” in their listing sold for 2.8 percent more and 3.8 days faster, on average, Zillow found.”

That means you can enjoy your fire and the fact that adding a cozy space to your yard is yet another way exterior design can impact your bottom line when you choose to list your house for sale. Plus, fire pits are an easy way to keep your space modern and take advantage of design trends without committing to a major space makeover.

Pool Potential

While the numbers are dependent on the area you live in, there’s no denying that adding a pool to your yard adds resale value to your home. 

On average, installing a pool can increase a home’s resale value by 7.3%. But, in warmer climates and areas like Arizona, California, or Florida, that number is more like 10-15%. 

Take California, for example. 

In the Los Angeles area, 18% of all homes have a pool in their yard, though in some specific neighborhoods, up to 87% of homes have a pool. These homes sell, on average, for up to $95,000 more thanks to their water features. 

Plus, since the pandemic, backyard pools are in higher demand than ever. This study suggests that homes with pools are being sold at premiums of up to 69% and that research continues to show that the heightened demand for backyard pools has significantly increased the value that a pool adds to a home.

In other words, there’s never been a better time to invest in exterior design. For your own enjoyment and the value of your home, there’s endless potential when you create a luxury outdoor space—and we want to talk to you about your yard. Click here to get in touch with our team to schedule a free consultation to talk about your project. 

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Design Inspo

Our 5 Favorite Backyard Transformations

From Foxterra Design

Foxterra Design is all about transforming outdoor spaces into areas you never want to leave. Our tagline is “from residence to resort” because we believe that every yard has the potential to be something incredible and we want to unlock the maximum potential for your yard.

We have had the opportunity to work on some amazing spaces and bring projects to life that we never imagined were possible when we first started our business. And that’s why we want to showcase some of our all-time favorite designs. These are projects with some of the most unforgettable features we have ever designed—and we want to break down why these transformations are our favorites.

#1 The Caspian

One of our top five favorite backyard transformations is “The Caspian”. The beauty of this design is in its simplicity and it’s the perfect example of a minimal design that makes a major impact.




When we designed “The Caspian,” timelessness and simplicity were at the core of our concept. We wanted to create a design with the idea that you don’t need to have flashy features to create a backyard that is not only functional but that’s also an amazing getaway. 


This entire design is centered around a single Canary Palm tree and the rest of the space relies on minimal design and the sheer size and scale of this exterior to bring it to life.


We took classic designs and scaled them to fit this massive space. The end result is a transformation that is simplistic in design, but each feature stands out as a statement. The lot is 20,000 square feet—a huge exterior that we took full advantage of. By making each feature oversized, we made a bold statement with a minimal design.

The Pool

The 2,000-square-foot pool gently curves around the property and is punctuated by a single Canary Palm in the center.

The Firepit

This is one of the largest fire pits we have ever designed, but it fits into this overall design seamlessly and adds warmth to the entire exterior.

The Spa

We went oversized with the spa as well. It’s huge at 10 feet by 12 feet in dimensions, but it works with the overall space thanks to its simple design.

#2 The Mirage

Next on our list of favorite exterior transformations is “The Mirage.” This is a project where we went for maximalism over minimalism. We took inspiration from Dubai and created a luxury backyard resort that includes a little bit of everything.



For “The Mirage,” we wanted to separate spaces to take full advantage of the yard and let each design element exist in its own area. We added an elevated entertainment zone that’s connected to the rest of the yard by floating steps. We continued to play with different levels and materials—and the result is a backyard unlike any other we have ever designed before. 


We went for the ‘wow’ factor with this yard with elements that add a little bit of magic to this backyard. Everything we included is equally as impressive at night as it is during the day thanks to the bold lighting we incorporated into the space. 

The Entertainment Area

This is the ultimate entertaining space, packed with comfy lounges, a massive TV, and plenty of room to watch the game.

The Firepit

This is where “The Mirage” got its name. The fire pit is at the core of this design and it gives the illusion that the pool is on fire when you look out over the water. It’s an element we can’t stop thinking about and one of our all-time favorite design choices.

The Pool

The firepit wouldn’t have its intended effect and optical illusion without this amazing glass pool. The walls are entirely transparent, so you can see all the way from one end of the property to the other.

#3 Tytris

Next on our list of favorite exterior transformations is “Tytris.” We love this project because we were able to take a narrow yard—what most people would consider a ‘shoebox yard’ and transform it into a backyard escape.




For “Tytris,” we wanted the backyard to feel modern and fresh, but still transport you when you’re in the space. We took inspiration from some of our favorite Balinese resorts and included as many natural, earthy materials as possible in the design. That, combined with elements like a swim-up bar, lots of space for lounging, and a massive waterfall make this exterior an at-home getaway.


When you step out of the house and into the backyard at “Tytris,” it’s like stepping into the most luxurious, organic Balinese resort. We added all the essential elements of a high-class spa so our clients could unwind and escape—in their own backyard.

The Waterfall

Natural materials like wood and stone root this space in the outdoors, but it’s this waterfall that really makes you feel like you’re hiking somewhere exotic instead of lounging in your own yard.

The Swim-Up Bar

The swim-up bar makes this pool feel like it belongs in a Balinese resort and brings that getaway feeling to this backyard.

The Sunken Seating Area

This is the perfect place to curl up in front of the bonfire and enjoy an evening under the stars. Having the seating area sunken makes it feel even cozier.

#4 The Bridge

This is another one of our favorite designs because it makes coming home feel like n escape. We took a single element from vacation—the bridges connecting water Bungalows in the Maldives—and brought that concept to life here in the design.




“The Bridge” got its name thanks to the floating bridge at the center of this entire exterior. We were able to add a sweeping pool that spans the massive yard—curving around from the side to the back. The bridge guides you throughout the space, where there is a sunken fireplace, a cozy lounge area, and more.


There’s nothing as relaxing as being on vacation, but we wanted to bring that sense of relaxation into this space by adding elements that instantly make you feel like you’re at a resort. We took advantage of the entire 8,000-square-foot lot in this design and used every bit of space to create a backyard escape.

The Bridge

We can’t stop talking about this floating bridge because it is the most exciting part of the design and the single element that ties the entire yard together.

The Sunken Firepit

Because this area is sunken, it feels like you’re in a secluded space when you’re lounging around the fire pit in this seating area.

The Glass Steps

These steps are incredible and they elevate the space with a luxurious feel while being totally functional at the same time.

#5 The White Raven

The White Raven” is a blend of classic and modern elements. This is another favorite design because it showcases how transitional, timeless design can transform a space and is the epitome of backyard luxury.




We wanted to achieve balance with “The White Raven” and added classic elements that still feel modern enough for a luxury resort. We utilized black and white combined with opulent lighting and a curved pool reminiscent of ancient Rome.


In “The White Raven” all of our design details are made to last against the elements and are a true testament to the fact that great design is timeless.

The Fire Bowls

Fire and water mix with these incredible bowls that light up with fire and spout water. They’re the perfect blend of nature and they help frame the entire exterior.

The White Porcelain Pavers

It can be intimidating to create a bright white outdoor space, but these porcelain pavers are the perfect material choice to achieve that crisp, classic design without having to worry about how they’re going to look over time.

The Moon-Shaped Pool

This pool is designed to bring to mind ancient Rome and is accented by two built-in lounges that beg for attention.

Which transformation is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below and make sure you’re following Foxterra Design on Instagram & TikTok so you can see our latest residential designs in action.

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