Our process

From Residence → To Resort

Step-By-Step what to Expect:

Our process is the same for every client, no matter where you live or what your budget is.

Phase 1: Discovery

Let's get started

First, we talk inspiration, your design style, and how you envision using your future yard. We also map and measure your outdoor space so we can create a 3D design for your yard.

Phase 2: Design

Designing your dream yard

Next, we get to work designing your new yard. After we’ve created the first concept, we will have a live video conference call with you and do a screen share to walk you through your design and get your feedback.

Phase 3: Finalization

Finalizing your project​

Once we finalize the design concepts for your yard, our team will create detailed plans for construction so your new yard can be built as we designed it. 

From creating a CAD file with all the dimensions, to selecting all the materials, planting, lighting, furniture, pool interiors, etc, our plans can range to cover some or all of these depending on what your contractor needs to bring the design to life.

Phase 4: Construction

Enjoy your new yard​

We make the handoff seamless and easy from our design team to your build team. We’ll send your concept documents to you and your contractor so they can start building your new private resort design.

How Long Until You Can Enjoy Your New Yard?

The timeline for your project can vary depending on several factors, but here’s an idea of what to expect:

Phase 1: Discovery

3-4 weeks

During this time, we kick things off and figure out your needs, design style, and budget.

Phase 2: Design

4-6 weeks

Take a virtual tour of your new yard, discuss revisions, and get connected with our “Preferred Partners”.

Phase 3: Finalization

2-3 weeks

Get finalized plans so your contractor can get started on the permitting process.

Phase 4: Construction

4-6 months

Dive into your new pool, host parties, make memories, and finally enjoy the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to reach out to us at connect@foxterradesign.com

Great question!

Every design firm’s package is unique.

Here is what’s included when you work with Foxterra Design:

→ Recreation of your existing home’s exterior and property in 3D

→ Revised concepts based on your feedback from the original plan

→ Conceptual drawings for you and your contractor

→ 3D images of your approved Concept Design

→ Access to the Foxterra network of Preferred Partners

Our process is the same for every client no matter where you live or what your yard currently looks like.

Here’s how easy it is to get your dream yard:

Phase 1: Discovery
Talk inspiration, your design style, and how you envision using your future yard.  

Phase 2: Design  
Design your new yard.

Phase 3: Finalization 
Finetune all the details and design features that make your future yard unique.  

Phase 4: Construction 
Handoff from our design team to your build team.

We’re not just designers, we also have 15+ years of build experience as licensed contractors.

We design every yard with construction in mind and have spent the last 15 years testing and building out our own designs to ensure that everything we design is possible.

Plus, we created “The Foxterra Preferred Partner Program” to make it easier than ever to select a trusted contractor to build your dream yard.

Click here for more information about constructing your yard.

When you work with our team to design your dream yard, you also get access to our network of the highest quality, most respected contractors in the country.

We created “The Foxterra Preferred Contractor Program” to take all the stress and guesswork out of choosing a team to build your yard.

Chances are, you’ve been burned by a contractor at least once in the past, right?

But, getting your new yard built doesn’t have to be stressful since we make it easy to select a skilled, reliable contractor for your project.

Click here to learn more about our network of contractors.

The timeline for a project can vary based on many different factors, but you can expect the design portion of the process to take about 3 months—from our initial Design Consultation Call to the Design Finalization.

Here’s a graphic to help you visualize what the entire timeline — including permitting and construction — might look like: Foxterra Design Timeline

Yes! We design worldwide.

Whether you’re in Abu Dhabi or Thailand, California or New York, Texas or Colorado, if you have the ability to video chat, we can design your exterior space. 

Yes! No matter what your personal style is or what style your home is, we design all different types of exteriors based on the vision you have for your exterior space.

We get asked this question all the time and the answer will surprise you. Working with Foxterra Design will save you money and ensure that you get the most out of the budget you have for your new yard. How? 

→  Exterior designers have unmatched creativity. You get a “WOW” factor design for your yard, at a minimal cost. 

→  Exterior designers provide expert guidance so you make the right decisions about your yard and don’t spend money on unnecessary expensive features.

→  Exterior designers are constantly finding new and alternative materials to bring your yard to life.

Click here to read more about how great design saves you money. 

There’s potential in every yard, including yours!  

No matter what your yard looks like right now, how much outdoor space you have to work with or what your construction budget is, we are here to design a yard you can actually enjoy. 

Inspiration can come from anywhere!

When you’re imagining yourself in your new yard, think about how you want to use the space, how you want it to make you feel, and who will be enjoying your future yard.

We have a ton of resources to check out for inspiration:

Click here to see our Design Portfolio

Click here to get design tips and inspiration on the “WOW” Factor Blog

Click here to see our newest design videos and yard tours

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And, find us on social media:


Not necessarily. Our design will cover the areas that you specify you need help with. Our cost is based on the areas we are designing; i.e. just designing your backyard is less costly than doing both the front and back.

Our concept documents include a dimension plan of the designed space, scaled elevations with dimensions, and material callouts.

We do NOT include engineering drawings or specifications for our work and encourage our clients to work with their contractor to provide the engineering drawings as they will be familiar with your local city codes.

Yes! When choosing materials, we always take into consideration your home’s location and what makes sense for your exterior. This includes thinking about how materials will hold up to your climate, what kind of maintenance will be required, and more. We create all our designs with longevity in mind and want you to be able to enjoy your exterior for many years after your project is completed.  

No matter where you are located, we do our due diligence to make sure that the materials in your design are available in your area. Should materials not be available at the time of construction, we will work with you to suggest alternative materials that are available. 

No need! Because we design for clients all over the world, our work is set up to be completely remote. If you do happen to be in either LA, or Orange County, CA then we can schedule one of our designers to come out for a site visit once the design contract has been signed. 

There is a possibility that you may not like our initial concept, however we typically include 3 revisions in the design fee so that we can work to adjust the design to your taste based on your feedback. We are not happy until we know that you love your new exterior design. 

If the HOA or city has corrections, we will continue to work with you to adjust the design or suggest changes to meet the requirements requested. 

If you have a contractor and/or team you know and trust, you can absolutely choose them to build your yard instead of selecting one of our recommended partners.

We make the handoff process seamless and make sure your contractor has everything they need to build your design.

Absolutely! Safety is very important to us and we can work with you to incorporate options that ensure sure your pool or other features are properly protected. 

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