Aqua Garden

An electrifying beach escape
the cozy corner

A tucked away view of the whole spectacle.

Follow the path that leads you to find comfort and warmth over in the corner of this private resort. Sit on the floating coaches that perfectly contrast the stone floor below. From here you can choose to take in the splendor of the hillside, or the inspiration of the yard.

the Water Labyrinth

Wade in the water, bask in the sun.

Glide through the walls of water in the encapsulating pathway that leads to a gorgeous floating deck. Here you will be met by a metal tree that boasts over 1,000 LED lights to illuminate in front of the crests of the Santa Ana Mountains.

The Beach Front Lounge

A smooth transition from inside to out.

The floor gradually fades into the pool via a seamless beach entrance that gives you the feeling that your home is as “on the water” as it gets. In the evenings you are free to take in the beauty of the fire and light features throughout the yard or drop down the projector screen for movie/game night.

Discover every detail of this imaginative design.

From the bowls of fire to the arches of water flowing over them, there is so much to experience in this luxury private resort. Watch the flythrough video to uncover every secret this aqua garden has.


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