A collision of luxury and comfort
The Infinity Spa

Feel the warmth of a fire as you unwind in the spa.

When you first see the stunning oval firewall of L’Reflection, a rush of inspiration flows through you. Then as you look to the left you’ll notice the first outdoor fiberglass wallpaper used in North America for a landscape design.

The Organic Nook

Float on an island of elements.

Sit above a floor that is cool enough to have been designed for a Bond villain. What you’ll notice is that you’re sitting above an extension of the pool, which you can see by peering through the windows underneath the floating stone table firepits. 

The Sunset Deck

Escape to serenity using the mirrorball stairway.

Perhaps the most unique element of L’Reflection is the shape of the lot itself, one that closely resembles a slice of pie. This is what inspired the entire layout of the design and in particular, this handsome looking back lawn that is both aesthetically pleasing and tangled in nature.

Take in the luxury of L'Reflection.

Watch the video to admire the outdoor wallpaper up close and see a few other completely custom features, including a giant marble Buddha.


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