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Here’s what a $200-$300k construction budget will get you.

Private Resort Package

Below you will find everything that is included with your own private resort design package from Foxterra.

Cascading Falls

3D Base Model Design

We will start off by designing the base model of your existing home and outdoor space. This model will be designed based off of site survey measurements and images to ensure that we have recreated your property exactly as is. This is what allows our designers to create a private resort for your home without ever needing to step foot on your property.

3D Resort Design

Next our designers will create a luxury private resort design for your outdoor space. This design process includes 3 major revisions to ensure that we have perfectly captured your vision for what you want in your new resort. Once the design is finalized we will send you a 3D video tour of your outdoor space as well as images to help you fully envision what your yard will look like once construction is completed.

Construction Ready Documents

Once your new design has been finalized our drafting team will go to work to create all of the paperwork and documents necessary to hand to your contractor for a smooth transition from design to build. These documents are “construction ready”, which means all you need to do is send them over to your contractor and they will do the rest.

Finalized Private Resort

Here are a few different images of completed projects that were designed and built within your construction budget.