Balinese Resort

The Balinese Resort style emulates the ultimate at-home getaway pulling inspiration straight from the most luxurious Balinese resorts.

You crave a connection with the outdoors and want a design that truly infuses indoor spaces with greenery, fresh air, and natural elements.

You want a backyard designed to help you unwind and escape, with areas for lounging, dinner parties, and late-night starry swims. Dreamy lighting, lush greenery, and plenty of privacy bring this style to life.



Lush plants and a connection to nature are key when it comes to materials for your Balinese-inspired space.

Natural Stones

Stick to natural materials like pebbles and textured tiles to achieve a nature-inspired space that feels like a true getaway.

Wood Accents

Utilize wood accents in your decking and furniture to ground your design and escape into your own private resort.

Your design influences

You’re inspired by all things outdoors and look to resorts that truly make outdoor living a priority for influence. You pull design ideas from your travels and want to recreate your favorite escapes in your own backyard.


To bring the Balinese Resort style to life in your space, there are three key elements you should talk to your designer about including:

    Create the ultimate getaway by including plenty of areas to lounge—filled with soft linens and plush pillows you can relax into.
    Whether you want a massive pool or a simple spa, make water an integral part of your design to bring Balinese style to life. 
    You crave a connection to nature and greenery, plants, and lush textures should be at the forefront of your backyard design to make that possible. Prioritize landscaping to create your home resort.



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