Classic Elegance Estate

You have an eye for classic design and want a space that’s regal yet inviting. The exterior of your home is the first impression of your space and you want your exterior to be a reflection of your interior taste.

Classic, timeless elegance is your priority and you want to have all the essential elements of a grand entrance, regal backyard, and traditional entertainment areas.

Plenty of grassy areas, nods to classic architecture, and a mixture of regal materials bring this style to life.


High Contrast

Look for high-contrast accents to bring this style to life. Think grass surrounded by stark tile and black accents in an otherwise neutral color palette.

Classic Colors

Go classic with your color palette to embody this style. Go bold with black and white accents, or stick to soothing blues, or an array of earthy tones—all of which can make your space feel classic and timeless.

Elegant Architecture

Take cues from classic designs and stick to traditional architecture to embody this style. Incorporate ornate shapes, pillars, and other classically elegant accents.

Your design influences

You’re inspired by classic architecture, timeless shapes, and elegant accents that aren’t part of the latest trends. You want a space that feels sophisticated and welcoming to spend time in.


To bring the Classic Elegance Estate style to life in your space, there are three key elements you should talk to your designer about including:

    Incorporate formal dining areas into your space so that you can not only entertain guests, but call to mind tradition and elegance in your backyard resort.
    Nothing is more classic than introducing sculpture and classical dimension to your outdoor space. Think regal planters, sculptural fountains, and artistic accents.
    To bring this style to life, look for furniture and design details that are refined and elegant. Skip the bold, modern designs and instead opt for classic shapes.



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