Organic Tranquil Escape

Inhale, exhale. The Organic Tranquil style is all about soothing, calm, and cozy touches. You want a space that’s truly a cocoon—full of elements that all work together to help you reset, and recharge.

Your space is your safe haven and your priority is relaxation, so every design decision should bring you a sense of calm.

Your spa takes front and center, surrounded by plush seating, ample lounge areas, and gentle, smooth shapes that help you find your zen. Soft lighting, organic shapes, and neutral tones are all elements that bring this design style to life.


Neutral Tones

Stick to soothing color palettes that include natural, neutral colors. Think creams, soft brown, calming greens, and other colors you might find in a professional spa.

Cozy Accents

Make your space the ultimate inviting spa experience by adding plush linens, soft lounges, and other materials that instantly make you feel cozy.


Ground your space with natural elements that embody a spa-like atmosphere. Utilize water features, soft wood accents, and warm fire pits in your yard to transform your space into a tranquil getaway.

Your design influences

You’re inspired by anything that feels relaxing and inviting and you want your yard to be a place you can come to unwind. You take design cues from professional spas and resorts that are designed to help you escape to a tranquil space.


To bring the Organic Tranquil Escape style to life in your space, there are three key elements you should talk to your designer about including:

    Create the ultimate escape by including plenty of areas to lounge—filled with soft linens and plush pillows you can relax into.
    Whether you want a massive pool or a simple spa, make water an integral part of your design to bring the Organic Tranquil Escape style to life. 
    Avoid vibrant and colorful lighting and incorporate soft globes, twinkling strands, and other soothing light sources into your yard.



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