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Maximizing Your Outdoor Space For Entertainment

One of our favorite things about designing an exterior space is incorporating our client’s personalities, interests, and hobbies into their yard.

We love transforming boring exteriors into private resorts and including elements that take them to the next level with that ‘wow factor.’

Sometimes, our clients want a tranquil, serene spa-like outdoor space.

But, other times, they want their yard to be the ultimate place to entertain—that’s packed with activities, space for games, sports, and more.

And we get to add design features that are purely there for fun.

Here’s a list of some of those features that take a yard from boring to ‘wow.’

Make sure you read all the way to the end, because the last one’s our favorite and you’re going to wish your backyard had these

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A Look At Our Most Exciting Designs 

An Unforgettable Swing

Hanging chairs and lounge areas are gorgeous in any yard. But, we added a playful twist to this idea for our client’s yard.

And, with a budget of $1M+ for the space, we were able to get really creative!

Instead of going with your typical lounge area, we added a swing right over the pool, so you feel like you’re floating over the water every time you sit down.

We couldn’t believe how cool this feature was when we finally saw it in real life, so it’s no surprise that our clients absolutely love lounging here.

Want every detail on all the elements that brought this $1M+ backyard to life? Click here to watch the video.

A Hidden Putting Green

There’s no need to head out for weekend entertainment when you have a putting green out back.

And, this yard is especially unique because at first glance, the focus is on the pool and lounge area.

The space is minimal and modern in design…but there’s a hidden secret.

Behind the pool, in space that would have just been unused, we added a putting green.

It’s out of sight, so our client still has a super relaxing private resort to enjoy.

But, when they feel like having a little fun, they can tee off.

Want to tour this yard? We share every detail and a behind-the-scenes look at our design process over on YouTube. Click here to watch the video.

Fire On Water?

A fire pit is a must-have staple for any backyard—especially if you love to host friends and family for s’more night. But, in this yard, we took ‘fire pit’ to the extreme and designed a floating fire area.

You get to cozy up in a floating sunken seating area, enjoy a gorgeous view, AND warm up fireside.

But, what takes this yard to the next level, are the boardwalks that lead you across the pool and make you feel like you just stepped off the plan in the Maldives and are about to check into your private cabana for the night.

…except you didn’t have to brave a many-hour flight to enjoy a 5-star resort on the water.

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Pickleball Anyone?

Whether you’re competitive by nature or want to enjoy a leisurely kid-friendly game, pickleball is the way to go.

It’s one of our favorite sports because it’s genuinely so much fun to play, but also because it’s perfect for the whole family, grandparents included!

That’s why we get extra excited when a client wants to add a pickleball to their yard.

And, while we’ve had a number of clients request a pickleball court this year, one client had us add the court to their ROOF of the house, which was definitely a first.

Imagine how incredible it would be to play a game of doubles with your favorite people while enjoying your yard’s stunning views instead of heading to the park and hoping a court is free.

This is one feature we’re going to keep adding to yards whenever possible.

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A Floating Entertainment Zone

What if you could watch the game, from the middle of your pool?

We created a seriously insane entertainment zone in this client’s yard.

We designed a floating, sunken seating area and then added a retractable TV to the space so they don’t even have to leave the pool to check the score or host movie night.

This is one of the coolest features we’ve added to a sunken seating area and we’d definitely be hosting the BEST BBQs if this was our yard. How about you?

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A Private Island Waterslide 

You’d never have to go on vacation again…

…if you had a private island waterpark in your backyard.

And that’s exactly what we designed for our clients.

We completely transformed their space and made it feel like they have their own island getaway—complete with big boulders and a waterfall.

The entire space is made even more magical thanks to the waterslide and waterfall that make it family-friendly and seriously fun.

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Bumper Boats For Endless Fun

If you’re anything like us, your teenage self would be giddy thinking about having bumper boats…

…in your backyard.

For this client’s design, we made a massive lazy river area, complete with an island, bridge, and bumper boats.

This is the first time we’ve ever incorporated BUMPER boats into a design & now we’re wondering why we don’t always add them!

We wanted to create a space for our clients with everything they need for a family-fun weekend away. But we made it so they don’t have to get on a plane to have an insanely fun vacation.

We can’t wait to see this space once construction is complete so we can test out those bumper boats!

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From Boring Rooftop To Luxury Spa Getaway

Have you been putting off an exterior redesign because you think…

Your yard is TOO SMALL to actually makeover?

You don’t have a typical outdoor space?

You’re worried about your HOA or other restrictions?

The project we’re sharing this week proves that you can still end up with an incredible exterior that will transport you every time you step outside.

Where you can finally enjoy your outdoor space and enjoy your yard the way you’ve always wanted to.

And that includes every luxury feature on your wish list…even if you have a tiny yard, atypical outdoor space, or an HOA.

Keep reading to find out how we designed a 5-star rooftop spa for our clients Tarek and Heather from Flip or Flop and Selling Sunset.

And make sure you scroll all the way to the end of the blog because we’re sharing a video tour of the luxury rooftop escape and a closer look at our design process.

How We Transformed This Small Space

We faced some major challenges designing this small space—because we were working within the confines of the tiny rooftop. But, that didn’t mean we had to leave out any of the luxury features that completely transformed this outdoor space into a gorgeous place our clients could enjoy.

These are some of the things we considered when creating Tarek and Heather’s tranquil rooftop escape and a look at the details that brought the entire thing to life.


We took a standard spa and gave it a complete makeover by adding Dekton to make it unique and give the illusion that it cost much more than it actually did. Utilizing custom finishes on standard selections is a cost-effective way to get the upscale look you want for your yard without going over budget.


To instantly make any space feel larger than it is, we like to create zones. On this rooftop, we made a cozy seating area that feels like it’s in another world, and a spa area that’s seriously cozy and separate from the rest of the space. Playing with levels and separating spaces is a great way to add interest to a tiny yard and to make things seem larger than they are.


Custom lighting makes this space incredible to enjoy during the day, but even more magical after dark. There’s a stand-out tree that adds a natural element to the design and moody color-changing features that add modern flair. Lighting can make a major impact on the overall look and feel of a space, and that’s definitely the case with this yard.


Choosing the right materials for a design is always essential, but when we’re working with a small space, it’s even more important. For this rooftop, we mixed classic stones with warm wood tones, moody lighting, and a blend of textures to bring everything to life.


We always want our clients to have a yard that stands up to the elements and that will look just as incredible in 2 years, 5 years, or even 10 years as it did when it was first constructed. One way we do this is by selecting materials that are not only durable, but that require little to no maintenance. For this rooftop, we went with turf and instead of using wood, we chose porcelain tiles that look like wood because they’re much easier to maintain over time.


Watch the video below for a look at the construction process and Tarek and Heather’s reaction when we revealed the finished rooftop spa to them for the first time.


Have a small space you want to transform into a private resort?

We can’t wait to explore the potential in your yard—no matter what kind of outdoor space you’re working with.

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7 Must-See Sunken Seating Areas

We get asked to add sunken seating areas to our designs more than almost any other element.

And for a good reason.

They can give your yard that ‘wow factor’ and help separate your space into cozy areas for you to enjoy.

Plus, they add interest, depth, and dimension to any outdoor space.

One of the things we get asked all the time is

WHAT happens when it rains and you have a sunken seating area in your yard?

Keep scrolling for a look at our seven favorite sunken seating areas and make sure you keep reading all the way to the end because we’re sharing the answer to this question and a price breakdown so you know how much to budget for a sunken seating area in your yard.

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Our 7 Favorite Sunken Seating Areas

📍Yorba Linda, CA

This might be the most opulent sunken seating area we’ve ever created. It’s seriously cozy and accented by a sleek rain curtain, modern design, and all the lavish details you’d find at the most luxurious 5-star resorts.

📍Irvine, CA

This sunken seating area creates a cozy corner for relaxing in this tiny yard. It includes lighting and a custom fire table that’s perfect for spending an evening under the stars.

📍Irvine, CA

This dreamy floating seating area is the ultimate space for luxury lounging. It’s the perfect oasis and, especially because it’s connected to the rest of the yard with floating walkways.

📍Irvine, CA

A sunken seating area is a great way to create the illusion that a yard is much larger than it is—and that’s exactly the case for this outdoor space. The stunning sunken zone instantly elevates the entire yard thanks to the depth and dimension it adds to this area.

📍Las Vegas, NV

This sunken seating area is more like a full-blown entertainment zone–complete with comfy lounges, a stunning fire table, and even a TV. There’s no better place to watch the game.

📍Yorba Linda, CA

This sunken fire feature and seating area is as gorgeous after dark as it is during the day—making it the perfect place to unwind—no matter what time it is.

📍Porter Ranch, CA

This family-friendly backyard resort proves that your outdoor area can be both beautiful and functional. The sunken seating area is both cozy and safe for kids to enjoy.


📍Yorba Linda, CA

This may not be a sunken seating area, but we had to add it as a bonus pick to our list because it’s one of our all-time favorite fire and seating areas. The floating platform is the stand-out feature in this organic modern yard and a seriously serene place to enjoy.

So…what happens when rains

And, how much does a sunken seating area cost

Watch the video below to learn exactly how a sunken seating area works and how much you can expect to spend when you want to add one to your backyard.

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