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Slice Of Paradise: Tropical Vacation Vibes Complete With A Private Island

What if you didn’t have to get on a plane to go on vacation? ✈️

This week, we’re sharing a design that transformed our client’s standard grass backyard into a tropical paradise—complete with a private island and waterslide! 🏝


📍The Location
Corona, CA

💸 The Budget

🏝 The Exterior Design Style
Tropical Paradise

📋 The Wishlist
✔︎ A place to entertain and unwind
✔︎ A yard with that ‘wow factor’
✔︎ Family-friendly and fun for everyone
✔︎ Perfect for daytime fun & evenings outside

🤔 The Challenge
This lot is on a huge hill with a massive slope, which made it difficult to design the sprawling pool and island we wanted to add to the yard.

✨ The Design
Our final design is the ultimate backyard vacation—and instantly transports you to a beachy, tropical paradise thanks to the custom stonework, private island, waterslide, and more.

Keep scrolling for all the details.

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This standard grass backyard was not what our clients wanted out of an outdoor space. They wanted to be able to enjoy spending time in their yard, hosing, and

When we revealed the design, our clients couldn’t have been more excited to see it brought to life. Taking them on a 3D tour of the space is the best way to give them an accurate idea of what they can expect once construction is complete.

The finished yard definitely has that ‘wow factor’ our clients were hoping for. It’s the ultimate backyard paradise—perfect to create those beach vacation vibes every time our clients step outside.

The stand-out feature in this outdoor space is the private tropical island we added to the pool. It instantly makes the yard feel like a high-end private resort.

This spa is elevated above the rest of the yard, so our clients can really take advantage of their home’s stunning view when they’re relaxing in their colorfully tiled spa. 

These dramatic fire bowls are part fire feature part fountain and add drama to the yard—day and night. Plus, they help define the space in such a large yard.

This covered seating area is perfect for entertaining the whole family, enjoying a meal alfresco, or watching the game thanks to the fold-down big screen TV hiding in this space.


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Unveiling An Unforgettable, Luxury Backyard Resort 

Picture this 
Every time you step outside, you’re completely transported and it feels like you’re on vacation 
Maybe you…  
📖 Curl up with a book on one of the many lounge areas in your unforgettable yard. You can’t decide…daybed or lounger?   
🍹Swim up to the poolside bar to unwind with a glass of champagne or a refreshing smoothie.  
💦‍ ️Let all your stress melt away while you soak in the most luxurious spa you’ve ever seen and enjoy the gentle sound of the nearby water curtain.  
🍗 Host epic pool parties in your backyard resort and BBQ’s your family and friends will be talking about for the entire summer.  
🔥 Toast marshmallows and enjoy the warm ambiance and flickering flames of your fire while you lounge in a cozy sunken seating area.

Wish this was your reality?   
Then, you have to check out one of our latest designs. It’s a Bali-inspired backyard resort that is so serene, you can’t help but relax.  
Keep scrolling for all the design details. 

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Here’s an overview of the yard 👇

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Designs We Can’t Wait To See Completed in 2023

So far in 2023, we’ve come up with some unbelievable designs for our clients and we don’t want to wait until construction is complete to share them with you. 🏝✨

👉 Here are some of the most exciting outdoors spaces we have in the works.

Make sure you click through to go behind-the-scenes with Foxterra designer Justin Fox, as he shares the inspiration and process for coming up with each design. 🔥

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A $1 million Design Inspired By Our Client’s Favorite Restaurant

Inspiration can come from anywhere and our clients wanted us to recreate the feeling they get whenever they eat at their favorite restaurant—but in their backyard. The design features old-world elements + modern details and materials that embody the look and feel of their go-to spot

Our Client’s Childhood Home Gets A Modern Makeover

Our client’s childhood home needed a modern makeover. We took the traditional exterior and turned it into a modern oasis with unforgettable features and ‘wow factor’ details like one-of-a-kind water walls, an insane sunken seating area, and a disguise for the classic lines of the existing home. 

From Boring Backyard To 5-Star Resort: Our Client’s Dream Makeover

Our client’s dream home finally gets the backyard design it deserves. We transformed this outdoor space into a luxe,  private resort that’s full of optical illusions and a little bit of magic—but we made sure to incorporate details that bridge the gap between the interior and exterior of the home. 

A Zen Backyard With The ‘Wow Factor’ Our Client Wanted

Classic meets modern in this ‘wow factor‘ private resort. We added a little magic to this zen space with floating walkways and an unforgettable floating, sunken seating area. The result is a yard that is the ultimate place to escape to.

Minimalist Design With Ultra-Luxe Details

Our clients wanted a minimalist, modern private getaway and our design is exactly that. The yard is filled with ultra-luxe details, but the color palette and material selection give it that Zen, relaxing feeling our clients were looking for.

A Custom Feature-Filled Private Resort

This playful space is full of custom details that make it the ultimate backyard private resort. Whether you’re in the mood to lounge poolside, or you want a little fun and adventure, this design has a little bit of everything for the entire family to enjoy.

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What Our Client’s Dream Yard Looks Like 3 Years Later

What if we told you that it’s possible to get the ultra-luxurious backyard resort you’ve always wanted, and make it low maintenance?

This week, we’re sharing a yard that was built out over 3 years ago, but it still looks as incredible as it did the first time we visited the finished space.

How’s that possible? 🤔

With the right material selection and great design, you can have a yard that stands up to the elements and still has that ‘wow factor’ for many, many years.

Keep reading for a look at some of the details that make this yard so special—including a hidden surprise behind the pool. And for even more, watch the video below for a tour of the entire yard.

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Our client had a massive lot that was a completely blank slate. They had a budget of $300-$400K and wanted a space that had luxurious details but that would be low maintenance for them long-term. 


We created a modern, minimalist design and utilized high-quality materials that hold up well and require little upkeep to look as incredible as they did when they were first installed.


This yard is absolutely massive, so we made sure we kept the correct proportions for the space to feel balanced. We have a huge pool, with an equally large turf area, and patio.


Turf is a low-maintenance alternative to having a grass lawn. And—adding furniture on top of turf is one of our favorite ways to get that ultra-luxurious, private resort look.


A lot of the time, when we add a pool this large to a space, it’s all about swimming. But, we also made sure this pool can work for kids, and created a massive baja shelf where the little ones can splash around.


In this yard, we ended up with space behind the pool that we turned into a hidden put-out zone. This space otherwise would have been wasted, but now it’s one of our favorite parts of the entire yard.


Instead of using ‘traditional’ outdoor furniture, we added swings to this space. Not only are they insanely comfortable, but they also add a playful, and unexpected element to the yard, which is why we added them to this space. 

When it comes to luxury backyard design you can have a space that’s both full of incredible features and maintenance-free.

So, if you’ve been waiting to get started on your own backyard because you’re worried about what the space is going to look like in a year, 3 years, or 10 years from now, this yard is proof that great design stands the test of time!

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Get all the details and a tour of the yard by watching the video above. And, if you want more design inspiration, reveals, and a behind-the-scenes look at our process, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel

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A Tranquil Backyard Oasis With Some ‘Wow Factor’ Hidden Features

Wait until you see how we took this outdoor space from an empty dirt lot to a tranquil oasis with some unbelievable hidden features.

Our client has a family of 7 and just built a new home. They wanted a luxury exterior for their family home and came to us with some impressive requests.

Here are all the details:

📍The Location
Irvine, CA

💸 The Budget

🏝 The Exterior Design Style
Modern, Minimal Tuscany

📋 The Wishlist

  • A HUGE pool the entire family can enjoy.
  • A Sunken seating area INSIDE the pool.
  • Surprise, fun elements for the kids.
  • A simple, yet creative space.

🤔 The Challenge
This is a tract home that does not have a huge lot.

✨ The Design
Our final design is seriously serene with hidden playful elements. We took advantage of our client’s stunning view and their existing space to give them everything they wanted and more for their dream yard.

Our client wanted their space to be minimal and modern, with elements that remind them of traveling in Tuscany.

But, they also wanted their 5 children to be able to enjoy the backyard and have fun in the outdoor space.

Keep reading for a look at all the design details—and make sure you keep scrolling all the way to the end because we’re also sharing our favorite ‘hidden’ features that really give this yard that wow factor’ our client was looking for.

Standout Features That Brought This Yard To Life:

Rope Swing And Water Curtain

Our client has 5 kids so we knew we needed to add something fun that they would love. So, we designed a rope swing that makes hopping into the pool epic. But, it’s even more exciting because we installed it along with a water curtain to take this swing to the next level.

Indoor/Outdoor Spa 

This home has a huge California room, so we took full advantage of the indoor/outdoor living space by adding the spa here. The result is a cozy, seriously serene space our client can use to unwind.

Floating Seating Area

This might be our favorite seating area and fire table to date…because it’s in the middle of the pool. We got to take advantage of our client’s stunning view by placing the main seating area in the center of the outdoor space, looking out onto a stunning view.

Our 3 Favorite Hidden Features:

Floating Steps

We’ve created ‘floating’ walkways before, but not like this one. We were able to create floating walkways across this entire outdoor space and you can actually swim underneath each step—so you can swim seamless laps around the entire pool.

Underwater Stools

Along the edge of the pool, we added some hidden, underwater stools. Our client and the family can swim up to the stools and sip smoothies poolside whenever they want.

Zero Edge Pool And Spa

We created an entire underground chamber to make the zero-edge pool and spa possible. The water looks like it’s just disappearing, but it’s actually getting funneled through a whole system that’s hidden under turf.

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Safety Without Sacrificing Style: How We Transformed This Yard Into A Family-Friendly Oasis

When it comes to creating a backyard oasis, this design is proof that you do not need to sacrifice incredible design or leave out luxe details to end up with a yard that’s family-friendly and focused on safety.

Our clients came to us looking for a backyard they could enjoy with the entire family—and safety is their biggest priority.

They have young children and they wanted to make sure that before anything else, any design we came up with would work for their family’s needs.

We knew that meant adding a standard rectangle pool so we could use an automated pool cover to keep their kids safe.

And while we didn’t design a custom pool for this space, it’s the rest of the design that adds the ‘wow factor’ our clients were also looking for and that makes it a backyard that makes them feel like they’re on vacation every time they go outside.

Keep reading for all the details.

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This yard is all about layers and we elevated the entire space by giving it dimension with layers.

We even incorporated this concept into the driveway, with layers of tile, as well as throughout the backyard.

This is a great way to add interest and that ‘wow factor’ when you are working with a pretty standard lot. It takes the yard from feeling a little bit cramped and not all that interesting—to a 5-star feel.


Our clients really wanted to feel like they could escape and get away from it all in their backyard.

They love the look and feel of super organic elements, which is why we added a ton of wood to the design.

And, incorporating a statement tree just amplifies this idea even more, giving the whole space that feeling of serenity and calm that our clients wanted from their exterior.


We wanted to create a unique space for our clients that blends indoor and outdoor living.

The view from inside their home looks out onto this incredible backyard and actually makes you feel like you’re immersed in the exterior space when you’re still inside.

This is one of our favorite parts about this entire design because it just extends the outdoor living area into the house and the rich materials and subtle color tones give the entire space the organic modern look we were going for.

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