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Design Preview: Yards We Think You’ll Love

We think you’re going to love these yards. That’s why we are giving you an exclusive preview — of our latest designs.

Use these as inspiration for your future outdoor space. And, when you’re ready to transform your yard, click the button below to schedule your free Design Consultation with our team.

A “WOW”-Factor Private Resort

This yard truly makes you say “WOW”, with a curved pool, floating walkways, and 5-star details you’d find at the most luxurious, exclusive resorts.


A Dream Backyard For Our Client’s Dream Home

Our clients came to us because they love their home’s architecture, but weren’t sure what to do about their outdoor space. We created this incredibly relaxing design that has tiers, textures, and a ton of seating to host the entire family.


A Maldives-Inspired Outdoor Space

This design combines nature-infused Maldives-style elements with the ultramodern architecture of our client’s new home. The end result is a space that transports you the instant you step outside. 


Design Inspo

Vision Board 2024: Inspiration For Your New Yard In The New Year

Welcome to 2024


And if this is the year you’re finally hoping to get your new yard, keep reading. 


Grab your vision board


Open up the “yard inspo” folder on your computer. 


Get Pinterest fired up. 


Wherever you’re saving inspiration for your future yard, make sure you add these designs to your collection. 


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January is the perfect time to reach out if you want to enjoy your new yard this year. 

A Small Yard With Modern Opulence

📍 Irvine, CA

We can’t help but say ‘WOW” every time we step into this yard. This yard embodies glamourous opulence, but with sleek, modern style. The glass-sided pool, 5-star details, and custom globe fountain all take this outdoor space to the next level. 

A Family-friendly Resort With Black And White Accents

📍 porter ranch, CA

We used our clients interior design as inspiration for the exterior. This backyard resort is the perfect bend of ultra-luxurious relaxing elements with kid-friendly fun and is perfect for our client’s growing family. 

An Airy, Luxurious Backyard Resort

📍 Irvine, CA

This is a minimalist design that makes maximum impact. The entire design makes you rethink the boundary between indoor and outdoor living thanks to the massive California room, floating walkways, and sunken seating area inside the pool. 

Design Tips

Three Of Our Most Exciting Before & After Backyard Makeovers

You won’t believe these are the same yards when you see what they looked like before …

Great design can completely take a space from a boring blank slate to an unforgettable outdoor space you can actually enjoy.

Keep scrolling to see 3 of our most shocking before & after design reveals.

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From Dirt Lot to Backyard Magic

This is a standard tract home with a boring backyard. We took the empty lot and completely transformed the space—giving our clients some much needed privacy and all the luxury details that make their new yard feel anything but ‘standard.’  

From Empty Outdoor Space To A Multi-Faceted Dream Yard

This sprawling lot was a massive, empty space before. We added layers and levels, giving the outdoor space individual areas where our clients can host, entertain, and enjoy their new yard.  

From Unusable To Backyard Resort 

Our clients couldn’t enjoy their yard before, so we gave them a 5-star makeover with some impressive features. The final design is a gorgeous yard they can actually spend time in. 


Designing an All-Black Pool in a $500K Zen Sanctuary


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Design Tips

Consider This For Your Outdoor Kitchen (Pt 1)

Location, Location, Location

Making sure your backyard has a seamless flow is imperative when deciding on where to put the exterior kitchen. First, consider where your indoor kitchen is in relation to where you plan to build the outdoor space. Sanitation is something to think about when you’re carrying uncooked food across your backyard in the heat of the summer, so make sure your indoor refrigerator is easily accessible to your exterior grill or stove. Don’t obstruct the walking paths with beams, bars, or large décor but instead, keep an open concept design to allow for free movement. 

Don’t Leave Out the Fam

Whether the people using the space are those you’re related to, friends you’ve known forever, or a few key members of the local improv troupe for Tuesday night practice, consider how and why you’ll be using the area. The size of your company may impact how large you want the kitchen to be and may influence what types of appliances you choose to install. 

While you may not initially think of the fire pit as a part of the kitchen, we like to keep them in close proximity to each other so that parties easily transition from dinner to fireside chats. Ultimately, it’s about turning your backyard into a place where you can gather and make memories.

Code Red

Avoid a code red—aka a fire—by making sure that your space is up to codes and guidelines for your area. Check with your local authorities to make sure that when you’re building, you keep all of the state and county regulations in mind. 

If you are constructing a stove in a California room (a partially enclosed outdoor space) you will need to build in a ventilation hood above the range, no matter how far away it is from the house. If the stove is completely outside you won’t need a ventilation system, but you should still make sure that no flammable objects or materials rest too close to the cooking spot. 

Whether you are setting up a grill, a stove, a fire pit, or any other system that lights fire, keep safety at the top of the list. Gas lines need to be professionally installed, wood needs to be fresh and maintained, and accurate measurements are essential to ensure you are observing fire safety laws. The best designs start with safety in mind.