October 11, 2022

4 Reasons Our Clients Never Leave Their Backyards

Imagine having a backyard that transports you to your favorite resort every time you step outside. That experience is exactly what we want to achieve for each one of our clients and their spaces.

How exactly do we bring that resort style, home?

It’s all about the design choices—and certain features instantly call to mind luxury, relaxation, and an at-home escape. Here are some of our most-requested design elements that have our clients spending as much time outside in their at-home resorts as possible.


There is nothing more relaxing than curling up under the warm summer sky and gently swaying on a porch swing. And that’s why one of our most frequent requests is to incorporate swings into our designs. For many of our clients, swings are nostalgic and instantly bring them back to a time in their lives when they moved at a slower pace and genuinely got to enjoy relaxing on the porch with friends and family. Swings are connected to so many of our childhood memories, it’s like an instant flashback whenever we utilize them in our designs. They’re one feature we make space for—no matter what the design style of the yard is. 




We have added swings of all kinds to our client’s yards. For some spaces, they take the form of a hanging bed—perfect for lounging by the pool. In other yards, we’ve added classic porch-style swings to our patios. And in some yards, we include rope swings that not only add rustic, natural material to the space, but are also tons of fun to enjoy. There are endless ways to add swings to a backyard space, and they are one of our all-time favorite elements to incorporate into a landscape design.



For many of our clients, their firepit is the most loved design element in their outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if they have a massive pool, a gorgeous spa, water features, dining areas, and every other resort feature you can think of, it’s the firepit they utilize the most. 


There’s something so mesmerizing about gathering around a fire and soaking in the late-night glow. It’s no surprise that our clients can’t live without firepits in their designs and why fire features are another one of our most-requested design features.




There are so many ways to incorporate fire into a backyard design and we always enjoy exploring new ways to add a firepit to a space. Take “The Mirage,” for example. We wanted to make a firepit that looks like it’s floating on water and brought it to life by adding a glass-sided pool to the design. We’ve also played with scale—making absolutely massive fire areas, and small ones that spout water, as well. When our clients tell us they want a firepit, we are always excited about all the different ways we can make a fire feature the centerpiece of a space.


Water walls are the ultimate tranquil accent to any zen design. There’s no doubt that waterfalls, fountains, and other amazing water features can take a space to a luxurious dimension. But, it’s often this subtle water feature—a water wall—that our clients request most. It’s not overpowering but adds movement and relaxation to any design. The soft trickling sound of water is so calming and a water wall is a perfect way to turn any yard into a backyard spa.



Water walls aren’t as flashy as some other water features, but they instantly set the mood in a space, which is why so many of our clients love them. If relaxation is the ultimate goal for a client’s space, water walls are an element we instantly think of adding to the design. Plus, they’re perfect for small spaces. Unlike fountains or waterfalls, you can create a water wall in even the most minimal yards.


Outdoor showers are something our clients have been requesting more and more—especially when the design prioritizes privacy. When we are thinking about how to design a space, we always want our clients to feel like they are in their own private world and that their yard is a getaway. Having an outdoor shower makes you feel like you’re staying at a private bungalow or that you have your own private beach in the backyard. They allow our clients to rinse off after a dip or enjoy a full-on, luxurious outdoor shower experience where they can reconnect with nature.




One of the reasons our clients are asking for outdoor showers is because they’re practical. There are countless times when having a place to rinse off comes in handy. But, beyond that, we have been adding outdoor showers to our yards because they’re the ultimate way to bring the indoors—out—and really expand our clients’ living space into their yards. It might be as simple as adding a shower spigot and privacy area to the side of a patio, or it could be as luxurious as installing a fully tiled, enclosed shower with every added amenity. When it comes to outdoor showers, anything that’s possible indoors can be brought to life outdoors, as well.

These are just some of the elements that our clients can’t get enough of in their yards. They are the reason our clients never want to leave their outdoor areas and they are some of the things we love adding to our designs the most.

Which features excite you the most? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Or, head to our Instagram @foxterradesign to send us a DM, so we know exactly which exterior design details you would add to your space.

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