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Design Tips

Consider This For Your Outdoor Kitchen (Pt 1)

We love an old-fashioned BBQ but when you want the best backyard on the block, then wheeling out your dad’s rusted old charcoal grill isn’t quite gonna cut it. Our clients trust us to transform their outdoor spaces into entertainment destinations and when food is the focus, an exterior kitchen is definitely the move. Before we get into the great details that make an outdoor kitchen an exceptional space for entertaining, consider a few important details first.

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Design Inspo

Creating a Whole New World

Today we’re dropping our main source of inspiration when it comes to designing private resorts for homeowners all over the world. We’ll show you our favorite spots and how they inspire us.

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Design trends

3 Must-Have Features for Your Backyard (no matter the size)

We know that there are seriously infinite options to choose from when you build-out or remodel your backyard. It can be overwhelming to decide which features to add, especially if space is a limited commodity, so we’re here to guide you to the top three things you should make sure to include for a stunning yard that makes you feel like you’re on vacation every time you step outside.

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Design trends

Controversial Curves

Today we’re discussing a polarizing topic you didn’t even realize was controversial: curves. Some clients love them but early on, we learned that this single element can be completely divisive when we’re designing a space. Since so many people have such a strong opinion on the matter, we’re breaking down this hot topic so you can decide which side of the line you fall.

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Our News

Foxterra Design brothers, Justin Fox and Nate Fox, Launch Luxury Outdoor Light on Foxterra.co with Debut of The Ambient Bar

Nate and Justin Fox, owners of Foxterra Design, introduce a new line of stunning outdoor furniture and lighting options crafted to put the power of high-end design into the hands of everyday homeowners. Read more

Foxterra.co Founders, Nate Fox and Justin Fox, Announce New Partnership with Ledge Lounger as their First Exclusive Dropship Retailer

Luxury outdoor furniture powerhouse Foxterra, founded by owners of Foxterra Design Justin Fox and Nate Fox, are proud to announce a new partnership with the creative furniture design experts at Ledge Lounger. Read more