Safety Without Sacrificing Style: How We Transformed This Yard Into A Family-Friendly Oasis

Find out how we transformed this tract home's yard into a family-friendly oasis with organic modern details.

When it comes to creating a backyard oasis, this design is proof that you do not need to sacrifice incredible design or leave out luxe details to end up with a yard that’s family-friendly and focused on safety.

Our clients came to us looking for a backyard they could enjoy with the entire family—and safety is their biggest priority.

They have young children and they wanted to make sure that before anything else, any design we came up with would work for their family’s needs.

We knew that meant adding a standard rectangle pool so we could use an automated pool cover to keep their kids safe.

And while we didn’t design a custom pool for this space, it’s the rest of the design that adds the ‘wow factor’ our clients were also looking for and that makes it a backyard that makes them feel like they’re on vacation every time they go outside.

Keep reading for all the details.

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This yard is all about layers and we elevated the entire space by giving it dimension with layers.

We even incorporated this concept into the driveway, with layers of tile, as well as throughout the backyard.

This is a great way to add interest and that ‘wow factor’ when you are working with a pretty standard lot. It takes the yard from feeling a little bit cramped and not all that interesting—to a 5-star feel.


Our clients really wanted to feel like they could escape and get away from it all in their backyard.

They love the look and feel of super organic elements, which is why we added a ton of wood to the design.

And, incorporating a statement tree just amplifies this idea even more, giving the whole space that feeling of serenity and calm that our clients wanted from their exterior.


We wanted to create a unique space for our clients that blends indoor and outdoor living.

The view from inside their home looks out onto this incredible backyard and actually makes you feel like you’re immersed in the exterior space when you’re still inside.

This is one of our favorite parts about this entire design because it just extends the outdoor living area into the house and the rich materials and subtle color tones give the entire space the organic modern look we were going for.

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