March 12, 2024

See Our Biggest Design Challenges: From Unusable To Unforgettable

These are our biggest design challenges and how we gave our clients the yard they've always wanted instead of their current unusable space.

Have you been putting off your own exterior makeover because you don’t think your outdoor space has much potential?

Maybe you have a small lot, so high-end luxury feels out of reach.

Or, your neighbors are nearby, so a yard that feels like a private resort doesn’t seem possible.

Or, you have kids and want a yard that’s elevated and elegant, but also a place for your kids to have fun.

We’re here to help you get the yard you’ve always wanted.

No matter what design challenges have been holding you back from a yard you love.

Keep scrolling to see a preview of our latest designs – to get inspiration for your own yard makeover.

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Blending Different Design Styles


The Challenge:

Our client came to us with a big ask – can you design a space that’s both modern and organic?

He wanted us to combine ultra-modern elements that would make sense against the existing architecture of the home with earthy-organic elements to make the entire space feel like a Maldives resort.

The Design:

Our final design is breathtaking.

We used angled shapes and crisp stone in the area against the house. We transitioned into more organic, curved shapes as you go further into the yard.

And, our favorite area in the yard, is a sweeping wood boardwalk that leads you to a real-sand beach that instantly transports you to the beaches of Maldives.


Maximizing A Small Space


The Challenge:

How do you fit your entire wish list in a small, narrow yard?


Without it feeling cramped or crowded?


Our client came to us and wanted a spa, pool, dining area, kitchen, bar, sunken seating area, fire features, water features, custom lighting…


All in a tiny yard.


The Design:

This design is proof that with creative, thoughtful design, you can fit an incredible number of luxury features in a tiny yard.

We gave them every single thing they wanted for their dream backyard and managed to make it feel really high-end at the same time.


By using layers, levels, and lighting to create separate areas in this yard and give it the illusion that it’s much larger than it actually is.

High-End In A Small Space


The Challenge:  

Can you create an outdoor space that feels like a luxury resort in a small, shoebox lot?

Our client wanted us to bring the resort home and transform their narrow yard into a 5-star place they can get away. 


The Design: 

The final design is the perfect blend of luxury materials, “wow factor” elements, and super relaxing areas. 

It makes you feel like you’re at an exclusive resort, even though it is a small, narrow outdoor space. 

Family-Friendly Elements


The Challenge:  
Can you have a yard that’s both high-end and family-friendly? 
Our clients has a young, growing family, so safety needed to be the top priority. But, they still wanted their space to feel luxurious and high-end. 


The Design: 
We managed to create the relaxing oasis our clients were hoping for, and a family-friendly yard their kids can also enjoy.  
We made their kids a priority in this space by adding a standard pool and automatic pool cover. We also infused the space with elements like hanging chairs, a sunken seating area, and fire table, the family can enjoy using together. 

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