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Three Of Our Most Exciting Before & After Backyard Makeovers

You won’t believe these are the same yards when you see what they looked like before …

Great design can completely take a space from a boring blank slate to an unforgettable outdoor space you can actually enjoy.

Keep scrolling to see 3 of our most shocking before & after design reveals.

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From Dirt Lot to Backyard Magic

This is a standard tract home with a boring backyard. We took the empty lot and completely transformed the space—giving our clients some much needed privacy and all the luxury details that make their new yard feel anything but ‘standard.’  

From Empty Outdoor Space To A Multi-Faceted Dream Yard

This sprawling lot was a massive, empty space before. We added layers and levels, giving the outdoor space individual areas where our clients can host, entertain, and enjoy their new yard.  

From Unusable To Backyard Resort 

Our clients couldn’t enjoy their yard before, so we gave them a 5-star makeover with some impressive features. The final design is a gorgeous yard they can actually spend time in. 


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