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Hello, we're the Foxes.

We're brothers and exterior design experts.

We are Justin and Nate Fox, and our mission is to bring creativity and imagination to your home’s exterior space. We believe that being outside is better than being inside, which is why we’re so passionate about turning your yard into a place that you won’t ever want to leave. Keep scrolling to learn more about what sets us apart as exterior designers.



Our designs are as close as it gets to seeing the real thing. Every design we do starts in 3D, because it’s the only way to truly envision your space.



We make the handoff to your contractor seamless and easy, so that when it’s time to start building all you need to do is get excited.



We don’t believe in putting a limit on your yard’s creative potential. That’s why we custom design unique, one-of-a-kind light fixtures, fire pits, swings, and more.

“Our goal is for you to feel that wow factor every time you look at your backyard.”

Justin Fox


“Listening to our client’s needs is the most important step in creating a design that we know they’ll love.”

Nate Fox

“Our goal is for you to feel that wow factor every time you look at your backyard.”

Justin Fox


“Listening to our client’s needs is the most important step in creating a design that we know they’ll love.”

Nate Fox

Reimagine what’s possible.

When you combine passion, inspiration, and creativity the possibilities for your yard are endless. Every moment can become infinite.

Why we always design in 3D.

We’ve been designing resort-like landscapes for over 14 years now and we always start in 3D first. This is how we immerse ourselves in your space to see what’s really possible. Move the slider left and right to see just how accurate our 3D designs are in showing you what your yard will actually look like once it’s built.

How you'll receive your new design.

Every Foxterra design comes standard with a 3D fly-through video that will take you on an immersive, virtual tour of your new private resort.

Our reviews.

See our designs in action.

Click on any of our private resorts below to dive deeper and see the details that make a Foxterra Design yard so unique.

Our design process.

First, we will schedule a video conference call or phone call to meet you and listen to your needs, requirements, and budget for your space.

Next, we will gather photos and measurements of your outdoor space so we can start the design process for your own private resort.

After we’ve created the first concept, we will have a live video conference call with you and do a screen share to walk you through what we’ve come up with and get your feedback.

Once things are finalized we will send your new completed design over via a virtual tour link, and 3D images. Then we will go to work getting everything ready to make the handoff to your contractor as smooth as possible.

Finally, we will ship off the blueprints and all other necessary plans and paperwork to your contractor so that they can break ground on your new private resort design. 

Getting your yard constructed

Foxterra Certified Installers

Our Certified Installers

Great design doesn’t matter if it can’t be built out properly. This is why we only trust the contractors that are certified by us to build your yard’s design.

If you live in Southern California there’s a good chance that you could have your design installed by a contractor in our network. Click here to learn more.

Check out some of our recent design awards.

Want to learn more?

Check out our blog where we write about design trends, things that inspire us, and ways you can improve your outdoor space yourself.

Design Inspo

A Texas Backyard Transformation—From Standard Yard To Family-Friendly Luxe Resort

A lot of people think that if their home is in a developed neighborhood with an HOA, community landscaping and other houses around, they can’t get the custom, luxury backyard they’ve always wanted. But, that’s just not the case! Construction just wrapped up on a project for a client in Texas and we’ve been so excited to share this one with you. This client lives in a neighborhood with houses all around and a manufactured lake out back. We needed to come up with a design that would work with the existing landscape, give them the privacy they were craving, transform their yard into the envy of the neighborhood, and give their teenagers the perfect place to entertain all their friends.

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Small-Space Ideas That Prove No Yard Is Too Tiny For Incredible Exterior Design

Wondering if a custom, luxury design is possible for your small yard? This week, we’re sharing some design ideas to maximize a small outdoor space and show you that even the tiniest yard can be transformed into a private resort. Keep reading to see some of the small spaces we’ve created and learn why you don’t need a sprawling lawn and massive lot in order to have a backyard you never want to leave.

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Must-Have Features That Elevate Any Yard

You don’t need a $1 million+ budget to achieve an elevated, luxury look for your outdoor space. This week, we’re sharing some design details that can instantly transform any backyard into a high-end paradise, no matter what the budget is. Here are the must-have features to consider:

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